5 Necklace Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

5 Necklace Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

It’s that time of year again, where we move past the old and embrace the new. Christmas is approaching fast - and after that, 2022! Surreal, we know. The time to start looking ahead at upcoming trends and how we want our style to evolve is now. 

As 2021 draws to a close and we start to shed our winter layers at Studio Matakana, we are excited to show off our sweet and classy necklaces. They’ll keep you looking hot as next year rolls ahead!

We collaborate with some of the coolest and trendiest brands in New Zealand’s fashion industry. Here are our top five predictions for what necklace styles will be all the rage in 2022.

1. Chunky Chains

That’s right: the thick-and-heavy chain link necklace is back in full force. They had their moment in the early 2000s, and the fashion industry ultimately decided it had unfinished business with chunky chains. No more delicate chains to hide behind some main feature - the form itself is the star of the show. 

These necklaces are perfect for bringing an extra boost to whatever you’re wearing. Bold, unapologetic, and just a little bit vintage, chunky ch<ains are a favourite at Studio Matakana for their versatility.

Wear them with your tracksuit if you want to rep the NSYNC vibe or with a sleek all-black outfit to embrace your inner power woman. A thick chain necklace will elevate any look no matter what your style is. Buy our Silk & Steel Heirloom necklace in gold or silver if you want this for yourself.

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2. Delicate Charms

Light charm necklaces aren’t going away just because the chunky chain is making itself comfortable. There’s room for everyone, and there’s something special about charm necklaces. Maybe it’s the way they hang from a whisper of a chain, or perhaps it’s because their ability to be worn every day brings on greater significance - either way, charms hold a lot of personal meaning.

A tiny charm can symbolize a moment in your life or represent more fully who you are as a person. Wear it close to your heart as a gentle talisman to hang on to through thick and thin. We have a range of lovely charm necklaces, including the Karen Walker Runaway Girl, ever marching on, beloved by women drawn to travel and adventure.


3. Textured Metal

At Studio Matakana, we love it when designers get creative with their metalwork. Intricate forms, beaten metal, and organic moulds are all the rage at the moment. Playing with what metal can do and treating gold and silver as opportunities to create artistic sculptures is a surging trend.

Embracing textured metal allows jewellery that feels more organic. It finds elegance in texture, poise in roughness. It notices that beauty lies in imperfection and creates an authentic, personal connection between the wearer and the maker.  

Pictured below is the gold-plated Andros necklace by Danon. The gorgeous statement chain and textured pendant essentialize the newfound appreciation for all the parts that go into a necklace. Check out our store to find out more about what designers are doing with texture!

4. Station Necklaces

Station necklaces feature charms, gemstones, or other embellishments that sit intermittently along a chain. They bring together the best parts of statement chains and charm necklaces, allowing rotational symmetry and fun talismans. First bursting onto the scene in the ‘70s, station necklaces have made a comeback since the revival of the hippie era.

Perfect for layering, with station necklaces, you don’t just have to choose one!

Try out the Fairley Clover Charm necklace. Featuring super cute four-leaf clovers, it is ideal for wearing solo or with other necklaces. Hope, faith, love, and luck get represented in each leaf in the clover.

5. Gemstones

Now’s the time to stock up on your gemstones! Perfect for anyone who loves extra colour, gems tap into the mystic with their strong connection to nature. By merging bohemian energies with contemporary design, jewellery that embraces colour will bring life to all your looks this summer. 

Gems will prevail in 2022 because appreciation for mystical motifs is increasingly growing. Belief in their ability to strengthen the wearer’s connection with their spiritual side is hitting the mainstream. Different stones carry different properties, providing special significance and power from the earth in each jewellery item.

With summer coming up and gorgeous outdoor times ahead, it’s going to feel so good to carry with you something representing your inner magic and connection to nature. The Temple of the Sun Constella necklace (pictured below) balances modern elegance with ancient magic, pointing to a pan-cultural love for the stars. The sapphires in the pendant represent hope, power, and strength in kindness.

Bring on 2022!

At Studio Matakana, we have a whole range of stunning necklaces created by forward-thinking designers. Check out our collection in-store or online to find the piece that will have you surging ahead in 2022!

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