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Pick up a piece by fellow travellers Zoe & Morgan NZ on your next trip to Matakana. Thoughtfully designed to celebrate adventure and individuality, their jewellery embraces spirituality in an elegant and joyful manner.

Creative powerhouse siblings Zoe, Morgan, and Ruth launched their business in 2005. Inspired by their goldsmith father, and extensive adventures overseas - the siblings found inspiration to follow in his footsteps.

At Studio Matakana, we love that Zoe & Morgan are attentive towards recycling their materials and continually stepping up their ethical practices. Their passion for sustainability, as well as travel and freedom, aligns with our clientele's values.

Be sure to grab a Zoe & Morgan piece online, or in store to remind you of Studio Matakana.

Zoe & Morgan Jewellery for Free Spirits

Zoe & Morgan NZ

Elevate your self-expression with Zoe & Morgan jewellery. Fellow adventurers, we’re looking at you! These fashion jewellery statements are talismans for the open-minded. We have curated a spread of our favourite Zoe & Morgan pieces to exhibit in our store. Read on to learn about what we can recommend for you!

Asahan Earrings - Gold, Silver

Named after the magical island of Gili Asahan, these earrings pay homage to Indonesian pearls. The textured hoop likens the stunning forms found in coral. We love the contrast of the smoothness of the pearl and the thick metal design it’s contrasted in. The Asahan earrings resonate with any occasion akin to the coastal life seen in Matakana perfectly.

Gili Earrings - Gold, Silver

Indonesian coral was the muse to the design of this piece. Make a statement with these striking opulent earrings. The block colours will complement any outfit. Zoe & Morgan took their time to make the organic form just right, creating a shape that compliments the wearer while connecting them to the ocean. The gentle sway of these earrings is just like the wave of corals under the sea.

Kina Earrings - Gold, Silver

The wonders of the tropical worlds found in Tangaroa’s waters are the inspiration for these earrings. An incredible level of attention to detail went into making the drop reflect the shape of our native sea urchin. The chrome diopside stone in the centre is reminiscent of both seaweed and New Zealand bush.

Kina Necklace - Gold, Silver

The Kina necklace reminds us of walking along the shore at the Matakana beach. Delicate, lightweight, and playful, this necklace adds an eyecatching glimmer of green that uplifts the wearer. The intricacy that went into the sculpting of the pendant is superb.

Heart Rays Earrings - Gold, Silver

The Heart Rays earrings are a reminder of the importance of putting loving energy into those you care about. This bold statement is a favourite of ours at Studio Matakana.

Gypsy Heart Earrings - Silver, Gold

Romantic, enchanting, and feminine, these earrings channel a Spanish allure. The intricate heart shape creates a unique and bold statement.

Gypsy Love Necklace - Gold, Silver

The same gorgeous heart shape also showcased in our Gypsy Heart earrings hangs delicately as a pendant. Go for gold to fully submerge yourself in the Spanish vibe and to compliment the adornments in our leather handbags in NZ.

Flossie Earrings - Gold, Silver

Zoe And Morgan Jewellery

These bold yet delicate earrings celebrate art deco, and the birth of modernism. Powerful geometric shapes contrast beautifully with the wearer’s natural form. Pick up these earrings to achieve elegant and effortless style.

Chimi Earrings - Gold

Chimi is a term referring to a beautiful, non-conformist woman. She has a strong moral compass, and she stands firm in the face of aversion while boundlessly loving towards her family and friends. Grab a set of these earrings from Studio Matakana for a powerful woman in your life or to channel your inner Chimi.

Eclipse Earrings - Gold, Silver

An ode to ethereal celestial phenomena, these earrings are perfect for anyone with their eyes on the sky. The ray cut-outs emanating around the central stone are a nod to the wonder of the moment when the sun, moon, and earth line up.

Zia Bracelet - Gold, Silver

The term “Zia” means brilliance in Hindi and is the cornerstone of this piece. The glimmer of the metal, the white zircon stone, and the delicate cut-out combine to create a sense of brightness and radiance.

Seven Chakra Necklace - Gold, Silver

Inspired by co-founder Morgan’s trip to India, the Seven-Chakra necklace taps into ancient beliefs about creating balance in our energy systems. Starting at the base of the spine and finishing at the crown of the head, spirituality elevates the kundalini into the energy in each chakra. This necklace is an acknowledgement of the idea that finding balance and peace is the path to enlightenment.

Izil Earrings - Gold, Silver

White zircon, the central stone in these earrings, is one of the oldest gemstones that can be found on Earth, having first formed 4.5 billion years ago. The geometric shape of the metal around it is inspired by motifs in Moroccan architecture.

The Charms of Adventure

We embrace the free spirit in all of us at Studio Matakana. Come and check out our Zoe & Morgan collection in our store today!