Stunning Jewellery by Kirstin Ash in NZ

Formed in Australia, Kirstin Ash NZ carries a love for simplicity and the beauty of confident solitude. Their creations embody carefree indifference, gentle elegance, and quiet freedom.

Kirstin and Nick Ash intuitively design each piece with textured subtlety. Their work is an ode to the modern woman, sun-drenched afternoons, and nostalgic moments.

Studio Matakana is the perfect place to browse necklaces and earrings crafted by Kirstin Ash; our coastal setting resonates with the seaside vibe of our Kirstin Ash designs.

Uplift With Kirstin Ash Jewellery

Kirstin Ash NZ

These designer jewellery pieces will enhance your natural beauty and lightly accent any outfit. Paired with a Saben bag you can make a statement by pairing jewellery staples from Kirstin Ash and Saben. We feature an exclusive selection of only our favourite designs from their extensive collection to share with you at Studio Matakana. Read on to learn about Kirstin Ash pieces that will bring magic into your everyday life.

Golden Light Earrings

If you’re looking for a statement-piece featuring a simple and sophisticated design, the Kirstin Ash NZ “Golden Light” earrings are available in high-quality gold and silver. They encompass a textured design, with an elegant drop stud and an organically shaped hoop.

Wear them to enhance any summer outfit, and watch the sun glisten off the meticulously crafted grooves in the metal. These light, yet robust earrings are also the perfect accent to wear to special events, bringing natural splendour and beauty with you.

By the Sea Hoops

Kirstin Ash “By the Sea” hoops are a favourite of ours at Studio Matakana. The classic tube hoop lightly holds a naturally shaped coin, sculpted with gorgeous images of shells, seaweed, and starfish. The detail presented in the decoration is a tribute to, and a draw from the oceans waves.

An immaculate freshwater pearl shines as the centrepiece of these gold or silver hoops. Kirstin Ash retains the natural shape of the pearl in recognition of the seaside glory of Tangaroa.

Voyager Coin Hoops

Carry a symbolic compass with you everywhere, to embody your free spirit. Simple and timeless, the “Voyager Coin” hoops signify your life path, your growth so far and what is to come.

The compass-carved coin gently drops from a classic tubed hoop, while gemstones glisten in the centre as if they were little stars - the universal symbol of navigation and finding your way. Both high-quality gold and silver hoops are available online or in store. Both will remind you of the joys of your life’s journey.

Sea Mist Necklace - Silver

The “Sea Mist” necklace features silver droplets that alternate between plain and studded with white topaz, spaced in a perfectly imperfect pattern. This piece is a love letter to the way the sunset hits the ocean, an homage to refraction, an artist’s rendition of sea mist at dusk.

Wear this necklace at choker length or longer, carrying with you the beauty of the sunlit sea.

Treasure Coin Necklace

Kirstin Ash Jewellery

This piece is a treasure in itself, holding a beautifully sculpted image of a star-studded compass surrounded by olive leaves. A delicate metallic rope encircles the gold or silver pendant. It carries a strong connection to sea navigation, bringing luck during adventures and travels to the unknown.

Moon Tide Pearl Earrings - Silver

Freshwater pearls are classic, ever-evolving, and timeless. The natural wonder they hold features in the “Moon Tide” pearl earrings. Born from the water, the pearls are designed to bring the moon’s spirit with you everywhere you go.

Kirstin Ash NZ elevates fashion jewellery to talismans of nature. Bring droplets of the tide’s magic with you through these earrings.

Tidal Pearl Earrings

These earrings are offered in a wavy silver or gold disc, below which delicately hang Baroque pearl droplets. Reminiscent of how the moon influences our tides, the curves in the silver are likened to ocean waves, with the pearls acting as luminescent moons pulling the swell.

Elegant and timeless, you can shine in these earrings at any occasion. Grab the silver for an ambient, midnight feeling. The gold set offers the opportunity to channel the moment when the moon and the sun swap position in the sky.

Bringing Kirstin Ash to Studio Matakana

Kirstin Ash’s breathtaking work resonates with us, and our clientele at Studio Matakana.

Our coastal location is an integral part of our identity. We treasure the chance to be near the ocean, and connect with the enchantment of nature around us.

To us, the sea is about groove and flow, the chance for adventure and personal growth. Psychological studies prove that connecting with nature is good for your mental health! We love that Kirstin Ash NZ shares this sentiment with us.

Stunning waters surround our beautiful country of Aotearoa. At Studio Matakana, we know that many people feel the way we do about the ocean. A piece by Kirstin Ash NZ is perfect for anyone who feels this connection.

We offer free delivery all over Aotearoa for orders over $100. Or, come and see us in our store located in the heart of Matakana - we are worth the visit!

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